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Elixinol CBD Powder 21-Pack Assorted Flavors


CBD Powder helps you through every part of your day
Made with full-spectrum CBD extract from organic hemp and coupled with OLEO™, you can drink CBD Powder as flavored CBD water, a smoothie or other beverage of your choice. Trade in your morning coffee for a caffeine-free CBD Powder drink to jump-start your day. Power through your workout. Get over the afternoon slump. Or prepare for a good night’s sleep. You’ll find CBD Powder is quite useful!

This pack includes three delicious flavors:
Create | Build | Dream 

CBD Powder technology: water-soluble CBD oil
Why does our CBD powder absorb into the system so quickly? During the manufacturing process, OLEOTM binds our CBD with a blend of natural carbohydrates, breaking the cannabidiol into smaller molecules compared to other methods of CBD delivery. The result — a highly bioaccessible powdered CBD designed absorb into your system 2x faster than other methods of consumption.

CREATE is a berry-flavored CBD drink mix that boosts your energy, so you start the day with laser-sharp focus.
BUILD is a citrus-flavored powder that gives you an afternoon boost, assists your body in recovery and builds resilience.
DREAM is a soothing, powdered CBD made with natural cocoa. It’s perfect for a bedtime cup of hot chocolate.

(Due to its rich formulation, we recommend mixing DREAM with 8 oz of hot water or Almond/Oat as opposed to regular milk or other liquids.)

Create (Berry): 10mg CBD per sachet | Build (Citrus): 10mg CBD per sachet | Dream (Cocoa): 5mg CBD per sachet

Suggested Use: Mix 1 sachet in 8 oz of water.
INGREDIENTS: Cannabidiol (CBD) (Hemp Extract), Organic Cane Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Powdered Coconut Milk, Acacia (Gum Arabic), Tapioca Maltodextrin, MCT Oil, Xanthan Gum , Contains: Coconut

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