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Elixinol X-Pen


With the X-Pen, you will enjoy:

  • Precise serving sizes: Each click delivers 15 mg of CBD hemp extract.
  • Airless delivery: Hermetic cartridge keeps the extract in a vacuum, protected from air and bacteria.
  • Secure storage: A simple twist-lock mechanism prevents unwanted dispensing or spills.
  • Hygienic: Removable, washable tip enables sanitary conditions for multiple users.

Whole-plant hemp extract gives you the same formula in the natural form your body prefers — every press, every pen, every time. Ideal on the go, the X-Pen tucks away easily and has a handy locking mechanism to prevent spills or leaks.

Get 15 mg of CBD with every click. The pen holds 1000 mg of CBD oil and will dispense 66 servings per X-pen — approximately 3–4 weeks supply — depending on how often you use it.

Suggested Use: Use one serving of oil (0.15ml) 2-3 times per day or as directed by a healthcare provider.

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