The Collective Energy
Of Community

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There is great power in the people around us. They motivate and inspire us. The more we draw from them, the more rewarded we are. And the more empowered we are to affect those around us. To see the power of community, one has to look no further than Blis’s Los Angeles, CA headquarters and other stores around California.

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“Simple and darling store design.  White ceiling and walls – 70’s-style Peter Max art covering the entire floor.  Sexy lighting shining through clear plastic ovals containing flower sitting on the centered white oval tables.  Employees wearing BLIS monogrammed lab coats – the look and feel is very cool.”

- – Ken Mann

“Went for CBD for our labradoodle; EXCELLENT shop, super clean and simple, and paired with great customer service. The owner was easy going while being extremely welcoming. He made the experience really approachable. Will be returning with my dog soon!”

- Mary Taylor

“I can’t consume standard cannabis or marijuana at all…but they have a great array of non-THC broad spectrum products that are great!”

- – Samm Alavi


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